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Custom Leather Knife Sheaths
Robert G. (Bob) Schrap
7024 West Wells St.
Wauwatosa, WI 53213-3717
(414) 771-6472 | (414) 379-6819 (CELL)
(414) 479-9765 (FAX)

I have been interested in knives ever   since I was a proud youngster wearing my "high-top" boots with the knife pouch on the side.  That's a long time ago and the enthusiasm has never left me.

As I collected knives over the years, I developed a keen interest in leather work which rapidly turned into a hobby and then became an occupation devoted to the design and making of custom sheaths for discriminating knife owners.

Generally, I have found that the first reaction of most observers is to notice the first thing they see - the sheath.  If the response is one of admiration, then it is assumed that the knife itself is of equivalent quality.  Many knife makers produce wonderful examples of their craft.  Some are works of art.  But their creativity does not necessarily extend to the sheaths that hold them.

That is why I entered the exciting art of quality Custom Leather Knife Sheaths and offer my proven skills and experience to those who value the beauty not only of their knives, but also the sheaths in which they are carried.

I'll look forward to making a sheath for you. Bob Schrap

Robert G. (Bob) Schrap

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